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Automatic Identification Technology from MARS TOHKEN SOLUTION


Automatic Identification DivisionAutomatic Identification Solutions

Automatic identification technology is advancing efficiency, safety, and comfort in operations in all industries and business fields. As a pioneer in RFID and barcode technologies, we are committed to creating optimal system environments for our customers.

UHF帯RFIDトンネルタイプ一括読取装置 RFID Gate Tunnel System
UHF帯RFIDトンネルタイプ一括読取装置 RFID Gate Tunnel System

High speed and high accuracy only available from one reader manufacturer. Amazing read rates change the way you work in the field.

RFID Gate Tunnel System

Reduce the burden of high-level system development!


Autonomous UHF RFID reader/writer

For logistics, inspection, inventory and location management! DX made possible by Antenna Gate.


UHF RFID gate-type batch reader

Next generation code reader with varifocal system, autofocus and 3x zoom!


1D/2D fixed code scanners

Newly designed illumination for fast and accurate DPM code reading. Dedicated configuration software makes tuning easy.

MCR-F180 Series.

Compact fixed-mount 2D code scanners

X-ray DivisionX-ray inspection unit

X-ray inspection systems enable the observation of high-density semiconductors, fine electronic components, resin materials and composite materials. As a manufacturer of inspection equipment with a proprietary X-ray source with world-leading resolution, the company has a proven track record in research and development, automotive component and battery manufacturing, and non-destructive testing for quality control.

Case Studies

Barcode, 2D Code, RFID, X-Ray Various case studies.

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