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2D Code reader stationary type
1D&2D Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner with Focus Function MCR-F530

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From tiny marking to wide 1D barcode, MCR-F530 can handle the various range of reading demand on its own.

● Paper,Label and DPM
● Employed Liquid Lens technique
● User friendry GUI for the configuration on PC
● Also it can be configured without PC
● PLC link function is available (Ethernet and RS232C)

Functions and features introduction

Employed Liquid Lens technique

Hands free configuration for the brightness, focus & other configration Readingarea.jpg

DPM reading!

Suitable for reading various DPM such as metal and resin parts DPM.jpg

Intelligent table mode

Intelligent table mode
tablemode.jpgAnalyze the printed pattern and preset 16 reading conditions in the scanner.
Register 16 setting and it enabled configuration free operation for multiple objects to read.

Program-less connection with PLC

PLC link is a function which enables an image reader to directly read/write data to PLC’s data memory by connecting the PLC to the image reader .This eliminates the need to create a communication program, cutting the time required for programming.

Configuration tool “MCRConfig”

Easy setting tool“MCRConfig”


Graphic user interface application software for Windows OS. Configuration of settings, get/save images, auto-tuning, monitor barcode quality etc.


MCRConfig can show images taken by MCR-F530.
The users can manually configure the scanner by checking the images.
And the setting parameters can be saved in a file


Detail setting mode


While confirming the live images on MCRConfig, the user can change the parameters to take the best image for decoding. For example, the effect of changing the shutter speed, analog gain, digital gain, black level are reflected on the live images.



Model name MCR-F530
Light receiving section Image pickup device 1/3 inches CMOS monochrome
Effective Pixels 1280 (X) x 960 (Y) (Approx. 1.2M pixel)
Focus Auto (You can automatically adjust the focus position during installation and tuning)
Light emitting part Light source White LED
Pointer light source Laser pointer (red)
Supported symbols 1D Codabar , Code39 , Code128/GS1-128 ,Code93 ,  GS1 DataBar , ITF , UPC/EAN/JAN
2D Data Matrix (ECC) , QR Code/Micro QR
Angle of reading PITCH :±35° / SKEW:±35° / TILT 360°
Minimum cell size 0.1 mm
Working distance 100 ~ 500 mm
Reading field-of-view range ( 300mm ) 91 x 68mm
Power rating Power-supply voltage DC power supply: 24 VDC ± 10% (scanner connector: power input)
PoE power supply: Type A / B, DC 36 to 57 V (LAN connector) * Can not be used with DC power supply system
Current consumption DC power supply: command (synchronous) standby: about 150 mA / reading operation: Approx 450 mA
Digital Input Photocoupler insulation x 1 point Input resistance: 1 kΩ OFF voltage: 0 to 0.8 V, ON voltage: 6 to 28 V
Digital output Photocoupler insulation x 3 points Maximum rating DC 30 V 50 mA
Interface Ethernet (10Base-T、100Base-TX)
RS-232C(1200bps ~ 115.2kbps)
Enviromental tolerance Operating temperature 0 to 40C
Operating humidity 35 - 85%R.H. (Non-condensing)
Storage temperature -20 to 60C
Vibration tolerance 10~55 Hz amplitude, total width 1.5 mm constant/
X, Y, Z 2 hour for each direction
Protective structure IP67
Ambient illuminance 10000 lx bellow
Dimensions 71.1(H) × 65.2(W) × 53.9(D)mm
Weight  320 g


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